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The Last House in the Galaxy - Andy Secombe

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The Last House in the Galaxy - Andy Secombe



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Ebook Details:

384 pages
A terrible war is raging in distant space, as the pitiless Gulgus Filch sends a vast crusade rolling across the galaxy. The only resistance to this universal domination is a small breakaway faction of the Galactic Alliance, one of whose members has stolen the Helian Cartogram, an intricate map of interconnecting wormholes which would allow Gulgus to sweep through the Universe with impunity. Meanwhile, in rural Devon, Sir Percy and Lady Trenchard are struggling to prevent their beloved but crumbling Hambledon Hall from falling into the hands of a local property developer. But the Tact that the mansion sits conveniently near the terminus of a wormhole (above the large rhododendron bush at one end of the ha-ha) makes it an ideal gathering place for the rebels to plan their counter-attack. Extraordinary times spawn unlikely heroes, and Whipple the butter proves just such a man. Soon Hambledon Hall and its grounds are filling up with a bizarre assortment of aliens whom he does his best to hide from his elderly employers. The butlers problems are compounded by the fact that, because of a time-warp, the derelict west wing has been plunged back into the Victorian age, where a masked ball is full swing, attended by the Prince of Wales himself. Meanwhile, Major Matt Fripp is forced to traverse the galaxy once more, to save not only the Cartogram but also the lovely Mariella Schprungg from the clutches of Gulgus and his chief torturer, the hideous Glitch McGilvray.

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Re: The Last House in the Galaxy - Andy Secombe

Awesome share thanks!
It means 'Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234'.
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